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21 July 2014 • CONTENTS

 • No. 6

•  New Athens Planning Regulations– once again ELLET plays a decisive role!
•  Coastal Foreshore – latest developments
•  ELLET takes the initiative on the Historic Centre of Athens
•  Patmos: the great celebration!
•  EEB International Conference on Sustainable Blue Growth
•  Sustainable School: Summer University in Oinousses, 21-27/7/2014
•  Mountainous Corinthia-Psari: Paths of Culture & 1st Raisin Festival, 30/8/2014
•  A Day in the Country with ELLET! Save the Date, Sunday, 28/9/2014
•  Autumn Expeditions with ELLET
•  ELLET Programme of Events: July-October 2014


New Athens Planning Regulations– once again

ELLET plays a decisive role in the protection of

Plaka and Thisio

The proposal to amend the Land Use regulations in Plaka and Thisio, within the framework of the New Planning Regulations of Athens, was withdrawn, thanks to the immediate representations of ELLET (ELLINIKI ETAIRIA - Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage) and the Plaka Residents’ Initiative Committee to the competent authorities, as also the campaign in the mass media with well-documented arguments.
The support of the Mayor of Athens, who immediately took a stand, was invaluable, as well as that of the Society of Athenians and KI.PO.KA. (Movement of Citizens of the Centre of Athens).
We welcome the decision of the Minister of the Environment Mr. Yiannis Maniatis, who – respecting the well-documented positions of citizens – withdrew the proposed changes before the discussion of the bill in Parliament.


Coastal Foreshore – latest developments

Continuing our efforts concerning the draft bill on the foreshore, representatives of the Hellenic Society, in response to a request from the Ministry of Finance, have prepared a second memorandum explaining our views. In a further meeting in the Ministry, lasting two and a half hours, our fully -documented views were explained and discussed.

The European federation of cultural heritage and environmental organisations, Europa Nostra, has also taken a stand on this crucial matter which has caused so much public concern with more than 150.000 signatures already collected. The Executive President Mr. Denis de Kergorlay and the Vice President of Europa Nostra Mr. Costa Carras have sent a letter to the President of the European Commission Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso. The Executive President of Europa Nostra Mr. Denis de Kergorlay has also sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Greece, Mr Antonis Samaras, underlining the catastrophic consequences which the proposed provisions will have on the social, economic and environmental cohesion of Greece.

It appears that this controversial bill will be introduced for discussion in parliament after the autumn. We will keep you informed.

See here the letter to the President of the European Commission, Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso.
See here the letter to the Prime Minister, Mr. Antonis Samaras.


ELLET takes the initiative

on the Historic Centre of Athens

Observing that dealing with the problems of the area of Plaka and Thisio in isolation is insufficient, and that there is an urgent need to take action to upgrade and protect the whole of the historic centre of Athens of which these distinctive areas are a part, the ELLINIKI ETAIRIA-Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage - on the initiative of Mrs Lydia Carras and with the full involvement of Mr. Yiannis Michail – has invited experts and organisations to participate in a dialogue and to draw up well-documented proposals to be presented to the Municipality of Athens and other competent authorities.

Contributors to the working group "Network of Citizens of the Historic Centre of Athens" are: Varvara Vernikou – President of KIPOKA, Stelios Voulgaris, Lawyer/advisor to  the Mayor, Maro Evangelidou – Architect Town Planner/former Gen. Secretary Ministry of Environment, Vasiliki Matzorou – Journalist, Liana Methenitou – Architect Engineer/ former employee in the office of the Historic Centre, Min. Of Environment, Panagiotis Paraskevopoulos –Architect/President of the Plaka Residents’ Initiative Committee, Eleftherios Skiadas – President of the Association of Athenians, Alexandra Stratou – Architect, Stathis Trifyllis – Property Growth, Mayia Tsokli –Journalist.

The outcome of this work was the sending of a letter to the Mayor of Athens, as well as two important texts outlining our position and containing our first proposals. The work of these organisations will continue after August.


Patmos: the great celebration!

All the lights were focused on the island of the Apocalypse for the great celebration organised by Europa Nostra and the ELLINIKI ETAIRIA - Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage, on Saturday 7th June 2014.

The festivities began in the morning with the inauguration of the Paths of Culture which are being created on the island with the sponsorship of Mr. Fokion Potamianos, who was represented by his mother Mrs Eleni FilonosPatmos celebrated the completion of the 1st phase of the project with a theatrical happening presented by the Chora school pupils who, in common with other Patmos schools, have adopted a path.
The gathering was addressed by members of the Friends of the Paths Mrs Despina Vakratsi, folklorist, and Mr. Spyros Giameos, taxi driver, while the European Commissioner, Mrs Androulla Vasiliou, sent greetings.

The local award ceremony of the There followed the award of the European Union Europa Nostra – prize for the exemplary restoration of three windmills two of which which date from 1588, These one of the centuries-old distinctive monuments of the island. The Vice-President of Europa Nostra, Mr. Costa Carras unveiled the commemorative plaque, in the presence of the architect, Mrs Daphne Beckett and the main donor of the restoration Mr Charles Pictet. The ceremony ended with a song dedicated to the mills which was composed by the carpenter of the mills Mr. Yiorgos Kamitsis and performed by himself and his family.

The finale of the celebrations took place at the Patmos Trust, associated with ELLINIKI ETAIRIA-Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage (Stavrakas Mansion). The 19th century mansion house – which was restored through the generosity of the A.G. Leventis Foundation as well as of private donors and will operate as a cultural centre – was the scene of a reception with a recital of intermezzo music by Mr. Regi Papa, the Greek violinist with an international career. The President of the ELLINIKI ETAIRIA, Mr. Costas Stamatopoulos, and the President of the Patmos Trust, Mrs Nanda Geroulanou, addressed the gathering.

See here an excerpt from the video of the festivities (video in greek).


EEB International Conference

on Sustainable Blue Growth

On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and the Greek Presidency of the European Union, the members of the EEB in Greece (ELLINIKI ETAIRIA - Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage, coordinated by Professor Gerasimos Arapis, Ecocity and the Mediterranean Network SOS) organised, together with the EEB and Seas at Risk, an international conference in Athens on 3rd June 2014 entitled "Could Blue Growth turn into Green?", the theme of which was Sustainable Blue Growth.

Blue Growth is a long-term strategy for the support of coastal areas and marine regions. Representatives of the European Commission and Greek and European NGO’s, businessmen and academics exchanged views and heir relevant experiences. The conference achieved its aim of provoking discussion and public interest in the various aspects of the subject (e.g. European legislation, shipping, harbours, emissions of pollutants, tourism, fisheries) with emphasis on the Euro-Mediterranean dimension.
The conference was held at the Conference Amphitheatre of Athens Agricultural University and was transmitted simultaneously on the internet.


Sustainable School: Summer University

in Oinousses, 21-27/7/2014

ELLINIKI ETAIRIA - Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage, the University of Athens and the UNESCO Headquarters for Education in Sustainable Growth organised the Summer University on the subject of "Sustainable School –Sustainable Community: We all care, We all participate" in the frontier island of Oinousses  21-27 July 2014.

The Summer University is aimed at primary and secondary school teachers and staff (directors, those in charge of school activities etc.) those involved in adult education, staff and organisations concerned with sustainability, students and postgraduate students, as well as anybody who wishes to broaden their horizons and their knowledge.


Mountainous Corinthia - Psari: Paths of Culture

and 1st Raisin Festival, 30/8/2014

The Paths of Culture in Mountainous Corinthia – Psari will be completed by the end of July. A beautiful mountainous agricultural landscape with virgin nature and historic vineyards – close to the village which was totally destroyed by the Nazis in 1944 and revived on the strength of its rich traditions – is the setting of a network of 5 hiking and cycle trails with wonderful views and rich history.

On Saturday 30th August we inaugurate the Paths of Culture and participate in the "1st Corinthian Raisin Festival".

The inhabitants of Psari invite us to gather the grapes and spread them for drying, to walk the paths through the unique vineyards and celebrate the harvest with them. Come with your family and friends!

Soon we shall give you more information about the programme, as drawn up by the local commune of Psari.


A Day in the Country with ELLET!

Save the Date, Sunday, 28/9/2014

On Sunday 28th September we shall have the opportunity to meet – young and old – at the Kokotos estate (Stamata, Attica) in the all-day festival of ELLINIKI ETAIRIA - Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage "A Day in the Country", full of happenings, music, food, children’s games and lots of surprises!
We shall reveal the details in due course.

For the moment, just note the date!


Autumn Expeditions with ELLET

A short while before our summer holidays begin and we set off for our favourite destinations –islands, beaches, the mountainous homes of our grandfathers, we offer you a little taste of expeditions for the end of the summer and the autumn: Andros, Belgrade and Lake Kerkini.

They all meet the standards of the most demanding travellers.


ELLET Events: July-October 2014

Events planned for the period July-October 2014.

• Monday 21/7-Sunday 27/7: Sustainable School - Summer University in Oinousses
• Thursday 28/8-Sunday 31/8: Expedition to Andros
• Saturday 30/8-Sunday 31/8: Inauguration of Paths of Culture & 1st Raisin Festival, Psari
• Thursday 18/9 – Sunday 21/9Trip to Belgrade
• Sunday 28/9"A Day in the Country", with ELLET. Kokotos Estate, Stamata, Attica
• Friday 10/10: Presentation & Photographic Exhibition of the work of ELLET, Kalamata
• Saturday 11/10Seminar "Protection of Traditional Settlements...", Kalamata
• Sunday 11/10: Event for the restoration of the Holy Church of St. Peter, Kastania
• Thursday 16/10–Sunday 19/10: Expedition to Lake Kerkini

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