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31 July 2017 • CONTENTS

 • No. 10

•  ELLET - 45 Years, a big Thank You!
•  "Athens: Sites of Memory" & Opening to the City!
•  Inauguration of the “Greek Paths of Culture” in Epidaurus
•  Forests and Forest Maps: Fostering public dialogue on a pressing issue
•  ELLET & Network for the Historic Centre of Athens continue institutional struggle
•  "Open Village" in Agios Lavrentios, Pilion
•  Thessaloniki: news from the Chapter
•  53 schools from all over Greece received Sustainable Greek School awards
•  "The First Cemetery of Athens: Guide to its Monuments and History"
•  Innovative ways of providing data on traditional settlements in Chios


ELLET - 45 Years, a big Thank You!

On Tuesday 30 May 2017, at the Choregic Monument of Lysicrates in the Plaka, Athens, ELLINIKI ETAIRIA - Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage - celebrated the 45th anniversary of our founding with a warm THANK YOU to the three pillars which have supported its action over all these years (sponsors, journalists and volunteers).

These moving celebrations were held symbolically at the Choregic Monument of Lysicrates (a sponsor of Athenian theatrical performances in the 4th c. B.C.) to remind us of the vital role that active citizens play in protecting the environment and our cultural heritage. As part of the celebrations ELLET invited us to take a journey through time and to remember the organisation’s vision and its series of struggles based on the belief that nature, cultural heritage and the environment together are what gives enduring values and quality to our lives.

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Athens: Sites of Memory! Cooperation

with the Athens Festival & events

in the Historic Centre of Athens open to everyone!

The Network of Organisations and Citizens for the Historic Centre of Athens under the coordination of ELLINIKI ETAIRIA (Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage) and in partnership with the Athens Festival held a highly successful series of events in the Historical Centre of Athens (12-28 June 2017). The events attracted hundreds of enthusiastic participants.

"In the footsteps of Democracy", a guided tour by Professor of Archaeology Panos Valavanos which was centred around ancient democracy (12/6) in the Ancient Agora. The public walked up to the Temple of Hephaestus where they heard, how step by step and in the historical context of the time, Athenian democracy was established. The actress Rena Kyprioti read important texts by Thucydides, Aristophanes and other ancient authors which helped the public to visualise ancient Athens.
"A Walk on the historic hills of Athens", with Professor Manolis Korres (14/6). This walk surpassed all expectations, with over 400 participants. The renowned and much-loved architect, Professor Manolis Korres, began the walk at the church of Agios Demetrios Loumpardiaris and guided his large audience to the Pnyx. He livened up the tour with anecdotes and a considerable amount of information which is not well known to the general public, something which made this event unique and memorable for everyone who attended.
"In the footsteps of Democracy", tour in English (20/6). The only event in the Athens Festival’s "Opening to the City" to be held in English. It was a great success, with more than 160 people, mostly tourists, enjoying the opportunity of a unique guided tour given by the Athens University Professor of Archaeology, Dimitris Plantzos. They were also able to enjoy the actress Rena Kyprioti reading important texts about the ancient democracy in English, and to participate in an interesting questions and answers session. 
"Karagiozoupoli - Karagiozis and Recycling", Traditional “Karagiozis” shadow puppet show by Ilias Karellas (22/6). More than 100 children and their parents enjoyed the show and had a great time laughing with Karagioszis, his jokes and his adventures.
"A philosophical walk through the garden of Plato's Academy (Akadimia  Platonos)" with Philosophy Professor Pavlos Kalligas, Director of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, and writer Niktas Siniossoglou, a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge (28/6). The walk ended on a musical note, much like the ancient symposia. The musician Nikos Xanthoulis played the lyre and improvised on Plato’s musical scales, allowing people to immerse themselves in the sounds of ancient times.
The citizens embraced all events equally enthusiastically and the Network of Organisations and Citizens for the Historic Centre of Athens managed to bring the Athenians a little closer to their city and its rich memories. ELLET and the Network for the Historic Centre of Athens aim to continue this initiative next year. The organisers hope to include other, equally important sites in the Historical Centre and continue to offer the public high quality events.

See the “Politistiko Deltio” (“Cultural News”) on ERT TV (in Greek)


 Inauguration of the “Greek Paths of Culture”

in Epidaurus.

Open invitation to a unique walk - 5 August 2017

ELLET and the Municipality of Epidaurus are inaugurating the “Greek Paths of Culture” Programme in Epidaurus with an open invitation to a unique walk round the site of the ancient theatre of Epidaurus on Saturday 5 August 2017. The event is being held in cooperation with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Argolida and the Athens & Epidaurus Festival.

The inauguration ceremony will take place at the Ancient Stadium of Epidaurus, at 18:00. The walk, which will take about one and a half hours, will start at 18:45 right outside the Ancient Stadium of Epidaurus, on the historical path that surrounds the archaeological site and leads to the ancient theatre, following in the footsteps of the spectators of ancient times. The walk has been very well publicised in all the Festival’s publicity materials.
The “Greek Paths of Culture” programme is being implemented in Epidaurus with the kind sponsorship of the A.G. LEVENTIS Foundation.

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Forests and Forest Maps: Fostering public dialogue

on a pressing issue

 Aiming to foster public dialogue on the pressing issue of forest maps, Elliniki Etaireia’s Council for the Institutional Framework (STHEP) organized on the initiative of the Board member Irene Molfessi, on 25 May 2017, an evening conference on "Forest Maps: Resolution or Deterioration of the Lack of Forest Protection – Observations – Proposals". The event was welcomed by the Alternate Minister of the Environment Mr. Sokratis Famelos, who praised ELLET's initiative. The evening was very successful, attended by more than 170 participants – ELLET members, State Councilors, public servants, and professionals.

Following up on the conference, ELLET decided to appeal to the Council of State, asking for the annulment of a law permitting substantial illicit changes to forest maps using the process of "correcting obvious errors" at various stages of their drafting, as it results in violations of the constitutional obligation of the State for the drafting of a Forest Registry and the protection of forests and wooded areas.

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ELLET & Network of Organisations and Citizens

for the Historic Centre of Athens continue

the institutional struggle

>>Following up on this winter’s mobilisation against the newly adopted Bill "New Institutional Framework for Economic Activity and Other Provisions", the Network of Organisations and Citizens for a Viable Historic Centre in Athens is continuing the fight against the Joint Ministerial Decision. This, issued one month ago, enables businesses such as restaurants and bars to play music or use outdoor loudspeakers without a license, thus endangering public health but also degrading neighborhoods and listed traditional settlements

Seeking to improve the quality of citizens' lives, the Network and ELLET are preparing to appeal to the Council of State to request the annulment of certain articles of this Joint Ministerial Decision.
In March, the Network, together with ELLET, responded positively to the invitation of the responsible Deputy Mayor of Development and Public Spaces, Nelly Papachela, and sent their proposals on the issue of the new Regulatory Decision with the aim of better management of public spaces, eliminating noise pollution and illicit outdoor commerce, which have been identified as among the most pressing problems facing the city. In April, the Network team had a meeting on the same issue with the General Secretary of the Municipality, Lefteris Kastanakis, and the Deputy Mayor for Municipal Police, Andreas Varelas. There will soon be a second meeting to discuss the progress made on the issues we set out at our first meeting.


"Open Village" in Agios Lavrentios, Pilion

The "Open Village" was an unforgettable celebration of the architectural heritage and history of Agios Lavrentios in Pilion. The event lasted 9 days (29 April to 7 May) and was organised by the Municipality of Volos - Local Community Ag. Lavrentios, the Development Association of Ag. Lavrentios, the Ag. Lavrentios Association of Professionals and the Heritage Lab, under the auspices of ELLET
The event was the brainchild of the new President of ELLET’s Thessaloniki Chapter, Cleopatra Theologidou. She inspired many youngsters to help as volunteers, rallied the local communities and was embraced by the villagers and many of their friends.
It was a real celebration of history and architecture - with an educational programme for schools, guided tours of buildings and a panorama of traditional architecture, poetry, traditional recipes, a photography exhibition, the production and the screening of a documentary film recording the oral history of the village on camera which managed to bring a huge number of memories of Ag. Lavrentios back to life.
The celebration finished with an "open table", a treat from the residents where all the visitors could enjoy village food at its best!
With the kind sponsorship of DALKAFOUKIS GROUP.

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Thessaloniki: news from the Chapter

During the first six months of 2017 the Thessaloniki Chapter organised a series of outstanding events which were aimed both at the general public and at specialists. These events were the fruit of many years of constructive cooperation with the State and with citizens’ bodies:
- A Celebration of World Environment Day was held in the Pasha’s Gardens for the second year running (5/6),
- A presentation of the important work done on protecting, restoring and preserving the Macedonian Tomb of “Makridi Bey” in Derveni (7/6).

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53 schools from all over Greece received awards

from the Sustainable Greek School programme

On 6 May 2017, ELLET’s Council for Environmental Education carried out a very successful award ceremony for the schools which participated in the national programme, SUSTAINABLE GREEK SCHOOL, approved by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs (197769/2/21-11-2016). The 53 schools which were awarded the programme banner excelled through in their participation of all school community members (teachers, pupils, parents) and through the projects they undertook (natural resource management, school building renewal, engagement with the local community) and implemented in the context of their conversion into sustainable schools. This banner symbolises the commitment of each school to continue this effort in the future.
Altogether, 53 public and private schools of all levels, from kindergarten to secondary school received awards, promoting the practice of sustainability from Ioannina to Chania.


“The First Cemetery of Athens:

Guide to its Monuments and History”

The book “The Fist Cemetery of Athens, Guide to its Monuments and History” has been recently published by ELLET and the OLKOS Publishers. The initiative started in 2007 by Ileana Siori, archaeologist and member of the Council for the Architectural Heritage, and was supported by distinguished partners. Maro Kardamitsi-Adami, Professor Emeritus of the NTUA and the architect Maria Daniil have written the text, while Yiorgis Yerolympos, expert in architectural photography, photographed the burial monuments.

The Guide aims at making the monuments and their sculptors more widely known and at raising the image of the most prominent cemetery in Greece, which could attract a large number of visitors following the example of other important European cemeteries. Although several albums dedicated to the monuments of the First Cemetery of Athens have been published since the late 20th century, there was no proper guidebook to assist visitors in touring the site and getting acquainted with its monuments and history.

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Innovative ways of providing data on traditional settlements in Chios

An innovative way of providing data on traditional settlements was used for the first time in Kalamoti, Chios, by ELLET and the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)!

In the historic core of Kalamoti a high percentage of the houses have fallen into disrepair. There are sketches of the facades of a very few houses but it is very difficult to estimate the dimensions of the houses from these sketches without making serious errors. Other than these there are no details of the houses whatsoever. The historical core, which covers about 80% of the total area of the village, is listed and the archaeological service rightly requires that any new projects in the area are limited to restoring the houses to their original forms.

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