Short Description

The FRAMME project is co-financed by the European Commissions LIFE+ Programme (

Total project budget: 1.544.355 €
EC financial contribution requested: 741.908 €


The island of Rhodes is one of Greece’s major fire afflicted areas, especially Mountain Attaviros whish was devastated by the fire of summer 2008. A major realization of all the recent forest fires in the country is the knowledge gap in contemporary science regarding management and restoration of fire afflicted Mediterranean forests.

This project proposal aims to cover that gap and to restore target habitats, such as matorrals Juniperus spp., included in Annex I of Directive 92/43/EC, that have been damaged in the NATURA 2000 site GR4210005. In parallel, restoration will be applied in areas with Cypress forests (Acero-Cupression) and Mediterranean pine forests with endemic Mediterranean pines, which also are habitats of Annex I.


1. The compilation of a well documented and sound, Restoration Guide for Mediterranean fire afflicted forests. A first priority in order to achieve this is the assessment of the environmental safety of the commonly used restoration measures and of new, innovative interventions which can utilize by-products of urban living, such as waste. Every experimental intervention, as well as the various combinations, will be assessed in terms of effectiveness and sustainability.

2. The restoration of seriously damaged NATURA 2000 habitats in Rhodes. In order to achieve this, restoration actions will be carried out in habitats covering a total area of 64 ha and the targeted distribution of specific interventions, in areas of 1 ha each.

The proposed project has been structured as a multivariate experiment, where 4 main interventions are included, which in turn form 16 experimental applications (standalone and in combinations with each other). These will be realized in 4 geographically targeted repetitions, thus forming in turn 64 experimental segments. The parallel accomplishment of the 2 main objectives is facilitated via this design.